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Emerging Markets Communications acquires a new Teleport in Kapolei, Hawaii

picture_emcEMC’s new Asia-Pacific gateway provides EMC’s customers with a direct connection between the United States and Asia for private data networks and video content distribution at land and sea.

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) has successfully purchased from Telesat Canada the Telesat Asia Pacific Gateway located in Kapolei, Hawaii. EMC’s new facility offers a strategic position from which to expand EMC’s lines of business of private data networks, video content distribution and conectivity for land and sea based customers located in the fast growing Asian Market. The facility will have direct terrestrial conectivity to the United Sates, Australia, China and Japan.

This station, combined with EMC Teleport facilities in Germany and the UK, allows EMC to offer a global continuous C band foot print to all continents and oceans, including Ku band coverage in North and South America, the Gulf of Mexico, the Bering Sea and all the Aleutian Islands.

Hawaii serves as a major landing point for both fiber and satellite connectivity from Asia to the US, including direct terrestrial connectivity to major Asian markets. The acquisition is EMC’s final strategic step in the completion of a Global C band Infrastructure that provides seamless premium value added connectivity services that are truly everywhere at land or sea. From this facility, EMC also will provide vital Telemetry, Tracking and Control services for Telesat and other major satellite operators, as indicated by EMC’s President, Abel Avellan.

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